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“I am a CEO Because of SBS,” Says Commissioner Secretary

  Dec 7, 2012

When Alice Otwala joined the first module of the Senior Management Leadership Program (SMLP), she was then the Deputy Commissioner Secretary at the Public Service Commission. Three modules later, Alice was promoted to the position of Commissioner Secretary, an achievement she attributes to the SMLP program.

Alice had previously been in the public service for 30 years and was trained on administration. She vividly remembers the first day when she joined the program. All the participants were advised to be sure of what they wanted to be and have a clear vision. Upon reflecting, Alice knew she wanted to move further up the ladder. The opportunity soon presented itself when Alice was asked to prepare for an interview for the position of Commissioner Secretary.

Alice is grateful for the skills she harnessed from the program as they strengthened her. The skills and knowledge garnered prepared her for the next level as 90% of the interview tackled issues she had learnt at SBS. “The SMLP program exposes you to look at your organisation and research on the best practices which can improve the organisation,” said Alice.

She further acknowledged that the program enabled her to fit into her new role as a CEO.

SMLP enabled her to network and share experiences from other participants. “The faculty was great and I will cherish what I learnt from them. I am a CEO because of SBS,” concluded Alice.

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