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Highlights from the CEO Apprentice Programme Tanzania Graduation

On August 31st, 2023, the Strathmore Global Institute Tanzania and the CEO Roundtable, Tanzania graduated the third cohort of the CEO Apprentice Programme Tanzania.

This Programme is offered by the Strathmore Global Institute Tanzania in partnership with the CEO Roundtable Tanzania (CEOrt) and is designed for top and experienced leaders from both public and private sectors and who are looking to move into senior management. It is a 12-month long Programme that aims to train the next crop of competent and experienced leaders who are ready to take on CEO positions and other top leadership positions.

Durin the graduation ceremony, Dr. Caesar Mwangi, Executive Dean, Strathmore University Business School, delivered an inspiring message to the Tanzanian business leaders. Some of the key takeaways from his speech were:

African Potential

Dr. Mwangi emphasized the immense potential of African leaders and the continent itself. He stressed that Africa is on the cusp of transformative change, signaling that the next 30 years could be a pivotal period in the continent’s history.

Harnessing Resources

He pointed out that African leaders have a unique opportunity to harness Africa’s abundant resources, rich cultural diversity, and youthful population to foster innovation, drive economic growth, and achieve social progress. This underscores the significance of effectively utilizing these assets for the continent’s development.

Visionary Leadership

Dr. Mwangi underscored the importance of visionary leadership and ethical governance in realizing Africa’s potential. He stressed that African leaders need to set clear and ambitious goals, demonstrating the kind of leadership that can inspire and guide their nations toward positive change.


Collaboration among African nations was another key theme in his speech. He highlighted the need for African countries to work together, forge partnerships, and promote regional cooperation. This collaborative approach is essential for overcoming challenges and unlocking the continent’s potential.

Role Models

Dr. Mwangi cited examples of successful African entrepreneurs, innovators, and institutions that are already making a global impact. These success stories served as inspiration and proof that Africa has the talent and capability to excel on the world stage.

He further issued a compelling call to action to the graduating participants as the future African leaders. He encouraged them to pursue excellence, embrace innovation, and actively contribute to Africa’s development. This call to action conveyed the idea that the responsibility for realizing Africa’s potential rests with the next generation of leaders.

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Article by Juliet Hinga