Because of the multiple roles that women play in society and especially in the workplace, the ability to perform effectively and efficiently seems a challenge to many.
There are features within you that need to be harnessed and when well-managed will cause a ripple of intrinsic transformation to achieve excellence in all spheres of your life.

This programme is geared towards helping you achieve effectiveness – getting meaningful things done and efficiently doing things right. We will sharpen the skills needed to develop relationships critical to success and advancement in your profession.

In this highly interactive and experiential programme, you will gain a deep understanding of your leadership approach, negotiating style, beliefs and assumptions about power, and your network structure. We will build on your increased self-awareness to assist you in becoming a more effective and balanced leader.

This programme will equip you with new ideas, re-energize your vision and provide you with a network of new contacts from a multitude of organizations in the region.

This is an intensive 3 – day program held once a year. The programme will be facilitated by a group of faculty members with both academic and industry experience. Through relevant case studies, interactive classroom exercises, small group discussions, video clips and exposure to latest research participants will acquire skills that can immediately be applied to enhance individual and organizational performance. Each day of the program will end in a reflection session where participants can exchange thoughts and ideas.

The Women in Leadership Programme is designed to address the needs of women in leadership to enable them to succeed as individuals, team leaders, and organizational visionaries.

This programme is ideal for mid-level and senior women managers in the corporate, public sector, non-profit and entrepreneurial ventures. It is also for the high potential high-performance women from focused organizations with a gender agenda and talent strategy.

A diverse mix of participants will be selected based on professional achievements and organisational responsibilities.

  • Gain a deeper knowledge of yourself that is your strengths, your leadership preferences as well as leadership preferences of others in your team using a proven tool of self-discovery
  • Learn effective communication and persuasion strategies
  • Understand gender triggers in negotiation, identify your own negotiation style and learn strategies for successful negotiation
  • Learn how to positively navigate organizational politics and get practical tips on how to form alliances necessary for performance and career advancement
  • Define and develop your unique personal brand
  • Authentic self-knowledge
  • Effective communication
  • Gender intelligence
  • Gender and negotiation
  • Habits of excellence
  • Transcending through your career: Power and politics
  • Personal branding
  • Participant-centred learning
  • Flexible learning experience
  • Build successful networks
  • Expert faculty with sector experience
  • World-class facilities

The programme will be taught by a pool of faculty uniquely suited to address contemporary issues in leadership.

They have vast experience in solving the leadership dilemma, growing the talent gene, and providing real competitive advantage through people.

Strathmore University Business School’s Tanzania Leadership Development Academy (TLDA) is one of the three leadership development academies which are making a footprint in Eastern Africa.

Our overarching aim is to provide a transformational experience which includes the way of learning, the comprehensive curriculum, the excellent faculty team, the experiences of remarkable leaders, and the lifelong business and social connections.

We welcome applications from established or emerging executives who have been recommended by their respective organisations for leadership development.

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“It is practical…real and has made me look inward and question the way I have been trying to achieve my goals and question my goals as well. I have never attended a programme that is so rewarding at a very personal level.”

Carol Mulwa

Developing Great African Leaders

Key Details

Date: 29 – 31 March 2023

Cost: USD 750

Mode of Delivery: In-person

For more information, write to please write to / or call +255 (0) 767 552 255.