July 24, 2023

Strathmore University Marks a Major Milestone with the Official Launch of Strathmore Global Institute Tanzania


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Wednesday 19th August 2023, we officially launched the Strathmore Global Institute Tanzania which followed an official opening of the offices. The launch saw Strathmore University mark a major milestone in its expansion journey to Africa.

The opening of the offices at Masaki, Stepwell Building, 4th Floor, provides a physical presence and a base of operations for the institute in Tanzania. This strategic location in Masaki offers accessibility and visibility, allowing the institute to establish itself and connect with the local community and businesses effectively.

As Strathmore University extends its reach to Tanzania, it has the opportunity to contribute to the country’s educational landscape, fostering knowledge exchange and promoting academic growth in the region. The establishment of the Strathmore Global Institute in Tanzania signifies the commitment to providing quality education and making a positive impact on the lives of students and professionals in the country.

Learn more about the Programmes offered at the Strathmore Global Institute here.

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