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  Nov 11, 2013

Angela Mwirigi

Previous Designation

Regional Marketing Manager (Partner Brands – Guinness; Alvaro) for EABL

Innovations Marketing Manager – EABL

Category Marketing Manager – Haco Industries

Director Cosmetics & Detergents – Henkel East Africa

Current Designation

Director Marketing & Communications

Core Responsibilities?

1. Brands communications

2. Brand Assets which include sports sponsorships like our clubs of which there are three teams (Football, Volleyball & Rugby); Rally sponsorships since 2003; Athletics (Cross Country Championships since 2006); Advantage Golf Tour since 2006; Digital assets include our website; the S&L mortgage portal; social media and we have media assets like our Business Focus show on KTN

3. New product development to deliver and drive market leading products & services?

3. What is your vision for the organization?

The KCB vision is to be the preferred financial solutions provider. Key word being preferred and this is where I draw my drive and inspiration from – to make KCB the most loved and admired brand period.

4. As a woman leader, kindly highlight some of the challenges you are facing.

KCB is one of those organizations that do not just pay lip service to equal opportunity employer. Gender has nothing to do with the work environment; not one’s religion, tribe, creed, clan and every other practice out there is of much consequence in here. Working here only requires the will, heart and determination to bring your best to the table.

5. Kindly explain how your leadership has helped to transform the bottom line of this organization.

I have been at the bank for the last 18 months and during this time; I have spent that time starting a new image for this great institution. The banking sector is truly a cut-throat space and it has been very exciting to start creating the foundations of a new approach to customer reach, service, communication, innovation and true transformation.

6.What can you say are some of the pillars that guided your success?

Success in life can only be measured by how much joy and passion you get and bring to every day and moment of this truly jet-like existence. I find joy in my family, my two beautiful children and my husband, I take such joy in my work (given the hours I dedicate to it, I see no other way to live). There is a professor whose emotional intelligence is unparelled in this area – YouTube him; Professor Leo Buscaglia (Dr. Love). If you really have a passion for life; what a dance – words to live by.

How do you foster high performance among your team?

I trust and empower the team I work with. I allow them to make mistakes, within reason, as one must also guide and ensure a sharing of knowledge. I encourage the teamto explore their potential, to create and be confident in their choices becausemistakes can be the best mentors.The millionaires club in marketing as one of our Fellows so recently said, is a pain-filled, hard lessons learned club – mistakes can be extremely costly in this field. However, they are also the sparks that ignite new endeavors, imagination and a vicious determination (assuming it’s in one’s nature).

7. Kenya is slowly but surely gearing its efforts towards appointing or electing women in leadership positions, what is your take on this?

The rise of women into society’s most powerful leadership roles across sectors, around the globe, ranks high amongst the more profound social transformations of recent decades. The same can be said about corporates in Kenya where we have made great strides. However sadly in politics, it would appear we have some way to go. The fact that legislation to force change is necessary shows that in this area, this progressive home of ours has a way to go. However I remain optimistic that the inevitability of change even in this area will make its way to the fore.

8. What do you think about women empowerment and Girl Child education?

The milestones that we have achieved in empowering women and the girl child are truly treasured and deserve to be cherished. I am a mother of both a girl and a boy. My focus on gender has seen a radical shift in time as it becomes apparent we need to give balance to the nurturing of our children. By no means can we claim to have resolved all the challenges so many of our cultural inequalities have created in some areas, we can never loosen the hold on forcing change. However we must also have strong initiatives for the boy child, especially in the more urban areas where the need is so apparent. After all, we want to grow a strong nation and it is the Kenyan child we want to see prosper.

9. What do you want to be remembered as your legacy at the organization?

I want to be remembered for transforming the way bankers view marketing as a profession and I want to do that by making sure that our customers know that we care, we understand what they want and that we keep our promises.

10. Who were your role models? Who inspired you, or supported you along the way?

My family has been incredibly supportive. My husband is my number one fan and cheering squad. Believe me; my life does not work without him, I would not get much done without that fundamental support. My mother is a true inspiration on how to love and my children remind me daily, what joy humility can bring. I have been inspired by many and the key,I have found, is to enjoy the ride to the full, thank God & grab what good fortune jumps your way and spread enthusiastic cheer as you zip through the corridors of yet another spectacularly, brilliant day!

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