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SBS Staff Stretch a Helping Hand

  Nov 7, 2013

Last weekend, Strathmore Business School staff members went out on a mission to put a smile on the faces of families in Sinai Slum. Sinai a poor and densely populated area situated in Eastlands. This year the business school had in mind a particular centre that was dedicated to reaching out to the families of Sinai and helping build its community – Eastlands College of Technology (ECT). Founded by Strathmore Educational Trust Project, Eastlands College of Technology (ECT) was started in 2003 on a mission to reach out to the many underprivileged youth and micro entrepreneurs of the Eastlands area of Nairobi providing them with technical skills to get them by the challenges of life, to make a living. The centre mainly accommodates primary school kids, high school students and also college students as well as micro entrepreneurs.

As an institution, their motivating factor is the high level of unemployment among the youth and lack of adequate well-trained technicians as a major obstacle to the development of our country. The staff of ECT organised a tour around the slum of Sinai to show how life is like in such areas of Nairobi. Donations were shared by the SBS staff, placing a smile on the faces of the people. The staff also able to engage with more than 10 families giving time to interact with each one of them.

A number of the families were inspired to give us a brief story on how they manage their day to day living despite the harsh conditions they were surrounded.Majority of them relied on setting up mini shops where they would be able to sell a number of items or foodstuff to cater for their daily bread making it a considerably good income from them.

At the end of our visit, we had all taken something from the slums that made us rethink our lives. They didn’t have all they wanted in life but all in the entire families still survived and had hope for their future. We were glad that we had touched many and looked forward to reaching out to more in the future. It was surely a day of true transformation of lives through virtue. A worth-while initiative it was.

You can also contribute to the centre by donating as follows through Strathmore Educational Trust (Eastlands Project)M-pesa Number 974450. You can also reach to them via . Their website is

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