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Transcendental Leadership

  Jan 13, 2012

(Speech delivered by Francis Okomo-Okello * during the launch of Modular MBA Program at the Strathmore Business School (SBS) on Friday, 9th December, 2011)

As we launch the Modular MBA Program, I propose to share with you some thoughts on the all important subject of “Transcendental Leadership”, which in my view is a genre of leadership characterized by qualities that respond more effectively to modern day leadership and management challenges.

By way of reminding ourselves about Transcendental Leadership, I am proposing, with your permission, that as a prelude to my remarks, I should first negotiate with you a broad understanding of Transcendental Leadership as a concept, just to ensure that we are all reading from the same script. Thereafter, I will endeavour to place the concept within the context of the various Executive Education Programs and Masters of Business Administration (MBA)-for Executives Programs, being offered at SBS, as we debate the suitability of the Programs in meeting the leadership and management challenges of the modern world. Such Programs include the SBS Modular MBA Program, the launch of which we are privileged to be witnessing today.

|Transcendental Leadership as a Concept:

Transcendental Leadership is a metaphor which is widely used in organizational development theory to describe a genre of leadership style. It is part of the evolution in the theory and practice of governance. As we all know, governance entails making decisions through a process involving broad participation of various constituents, often times with conflicting interests and positions, in a manner that should make it possible for the set objectives to be realized. As is the case in most forms of human development, decision-making processes go through evolutionary changes in response to the prevailing management and leadership challenges which societies may be facing at a particular point in time. In its evolution, Transcendental Leadership has its genesis from Transactional Leadership which in turn stems from Transformational Leadership.

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