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The Master Negotiator

  Dec 9, 2011

The negotiation process is a part of every one’s day-to-day activities with people inside and outside the organisation, people whose cooperation is essential to attain your goals. The aim of any negotiator is to gain advantage in a negotiation. Strathmore Business School held The Master Negotiator, an executive program that was led by Prof. Juan Roure, a professor in the Enterpreneurship department and member of the IESE Business School’s International Board.

So good is Prof. Juan that his negotiation courses usually have a  waiting list due to demand for those yearning to master the art of negotiation. SBS’ The Master Negotiator Program focuses on equipping negotiators with the right tools for successful deal negotiations.

The two-day program began on 5th December with an introduction to the negotiations model and competitive negotiations. The participants were also enriched by key sessions on competitive negotiations, creative negotiations, team negotiations and principles of negotiations. The participants then worked in teams of two while practicing negotiations as ‘buyers and sellers’.

The course wrapped up with a guest speaker session with Dr. Laila Macharia, who presented on her negotiation experience across regions, cultures and challenges. The participants graduated ready to Transform Africa.

About The Master Negotiator Executive Program

Consider for a moment what percentage of your working day you will spend negotiating. The Master Negotiator aims to formalise your experiences, with the skills and ability to think critically about what may now be an intuitive process for you. This will allow us to establish a framework that will help you increase your learning every time you are involved in a new negotiation, and equip you with new skills that will become part of your repertoire.

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