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The Classic Innovator’s Dilemma

  Jun 19, 2019

Why do great firms stumble or fail when confronted with disruptive technology? Could it be that the very decision-making and resource allocation processes, that are key to the success of established companies, are the very processes that reject disruptive technologies?

Successful companies place their focus on activities that address customers’ needs, promise higher profits, are technologically viable and help them perform in substantial markets. Conversely, to expect the processes that accomplish the mentioned activities to nurture disruptive technologies is not feasible. For innovative businesses it is fundamental to devise measures that will aid evaluation technological innovations.

It is with this in mind that Strathmore University Business School (SBS) opened its doors to Tigo Tanzania, a company driven by entrepreneurs and innovation, dealing in commercial mobile telephony. Tigo enrolled 21 of its senior managers to the Senior Management Leadership Programme (SMLP) allowing their Tanzania team a visit to our Nairobi Campus for their second module. SMLP, is an executive education programme whose aim is to offer a comprehensive transformational learning experience preparing senior executives to assume responsibilities at the highest level as they lead their institution to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

During a session facilitated by guest speaker Mr. Julius Kundu, Head of Department- Consumer Products and Services at Safaricom PLC, he spoke of the tailbacks that face innovation today. “Are we vulnerable enough to try things and fail?” he asked. He encouraged the participants to open their minds to the possibility of failure when it comes to innovation. “We need to learn to celebrate failure,” he said, blankly averring that the current state of business warrants termination of employment in the event of a failed innovative process of which should not be the case.

In order to successfully innovate, one needs to be bold, pay attention to trends, listen to the customer and capitalize on partnerships. Mr. Kundu was keen to mention that “innovation is not invention, it’s just doing what we are already doing in a better way”. He urged the participants to reflect on their daily tasks and identify what they can leverage on, so as to step into the world of innovation.

SBS offers a range of customized solutions that focus on providing clients with tailored and bespoke custom programmes and consultations, which ensure resolutions to organizations’ unique and specific needs. The Tigo team grew their knowledge on decision analysis, negotiation, strategic marketing, process and operational excellence. Coaching is a key aspect of the programmes and avails the participants an opportunity to have a coach who will help them realize their full potential as they work on projects that will implement the key learnings of the programme.

For details on SBS customized executive programmes this click here.

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