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Strathmore University Business School signs MOU with the Marketing Society of Kenya: The Future of Marketing

  Jan 18, 2019

On Friday 18th January 2019 Strathmore University Business School (SBS) signed a two-year memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK). The two parties agreed on points of mutual benefit in various initiatives that would see changes in the face of marketing in Kenya and Africa at large.

MSK is a national umbrella body of all marketers in Kenya whose mandate is to make marketing the force behind business. The self-regulating body saw value in a mutual partnership considering Strathmore’s mission and the level of professionalism it upholds while executing its functions.

Joel Karubiu, CEO of MSK, stated that when looking to partner with Strathmore University business school his agenda was to change student’s perception to understand the need to study marketing and take it up as a career as well as find possible programs to boost knowledge of current trending marketing skills to senior practicing marketers. He pointed out current changes in the field and advocated for study of the use of digital media for its academic and marketing capabilities.

Dr. George Njenga, Executive Dean SBS, expressed his vision for the M.O.U stating that students will benefit from this as “we not only want them to understand the theory and pass it but also understand the profession and how it is practiced”. In the memorandum of understanding MSK is set to facilitate possible internships for students of Strathmore University in organizations that are their corporate members to enable their exposure to practical marketing projects. In addition to that, the students who are a part of the Strathmore Marketing Club will now have an avenue to seek information and satisfy their hunger for knowledge.

“The M.O.U is not only for academic purposes but for research that will influence policy making” said the Dean. The university’s Strategy Research Hub section allocated to marketing will work together with MSK to bring about these changes. Dr. Njenga challenged the team to find a way to bring together leaders in policy, hospitality and tourism to create a strategy on how to overcome the aftermath of the terror attack at DusitD2 hotel on Tuesday earlier this week. The Dean stated the need for researchers to identify the core things that have been marred in light of this and how it affects our marketing efforts in the field of tourism and hospitality. He urged the new partnership team to investigate the methodology of maintaining the number of tourists we had before the attack. He proposed identification of various aspects of attraction to Kenya and building security around them as a form of spurring trust around these functions. This was all based on one of the 4 Ps of marketing, ‘place’.

Dr. James Njuguna, spoke on behalf of faculty members stating that the M.O.U was long overdue, he went on to say that “partnerships and collaboration is the way forward as this agenda ties in with our school’s vision to be a premier business school in Africa.

MSK CEO, Joel Karubiu concluded by stating his eagerness to walk with (SBS) on his key projects this year. They include the Marketing Conference and forming a charter that he intends to table in Parliament with the aim of getting MSK to be the certifying body for all practicing marketers. SBS will in turn assist to drive this agendas in terms of setting required standards surrounding ethics of marketing, syllabus and possibly identifying international criteria used to certify marketers so we can apply the same in Kenya.

A joint committee will be agreed on to pursue execution of these objectives.


This article was written by Pamela Nyandat.

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