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Strathmore University and Adapt IT Shaping the Future of Work In Africa

  Feb 15, 2019

Strathmore University Business School (SBS) and Adapt IT on February 14th, 2019 introduced the CaseWare Certification Programme for undergraduate students at an event that culminated in the signing of an MOU between the two organisations.

The leading financial reporting and auditing software provider for professionals in the corporate sphere, public sector and accounting agreed to a partnership geared towards building a training curriculum that will aid students in their professional development by showcasing technical abilities and providing knowledgeable business analysis and recommendations for employment.

This move will help to bridge the unemployment gap which has been on the increase among university graduates and enable students from Strathmore further professional recognition in their various industries thus gaining a competitive edge in their career development.

Adapt IT set out to make technological advancements in the education industry starting with Strathmore University (SU). On 13th February 2019 their team engaged SU staff who would be possible stakeholders of technological changes on campus during a master class session. The speaker of the day was Adapt IT managing director of Education, Luxolo Rubushe, enlightening us on ‘education trends.’

The software provider is known for provision of solutions to the Education, Manufacturing, Energy, Financial Services, Communications and Hospitality sectors, employing over 1 000 technology professionals and servicing more than 10 000 customers in 53 countries. Under its Education department they provide solutions to higher and further education institutions worldwide. The company saw it fit to edify us on possible technological advancements that we could consider implementing.

“What kind of student do you want to attract? There should be clarity as to the profile of this individual” said Mr. Rubushe. He was making a point on the online presence of an academic institution. How are we positioned not only for local students but for those intending to register and/or gain access to our services from other countries in the region or the world at large. We need to ensure the students can access materials from our online platforms.

When we look at registration of students, there are programmes that provide active learning classrooms where we can record live attendance based on facial recognition software both for online and offline learning. Mr. Rubushe spoke of the importance of analytics ensuring the courses you offer are performed well enabling lecturers to know if students read the ebooks they make available online as well as how much time a student spent reading it. He spoke about ensuring our systems are secure from threats such as hacking and having the ability to keep data on all these functions. Mr. Rubushe stated that we need to be able to make data driven decisions and begin to view information technology not as a support function but as a key function in strategy.

He encouraged partnerships such as this with SBS and Adapt IT as together companies and institutions can make investments in data management to allow for introduction of technology that will cater to these advancements. We look forward to seeing the fruits of this partnership.

This article was written by Pamela Nyandat.

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