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  Aug 1, 2011

The bishop of Catholic Diocese of Lodwar, Right Reverend Dominic Kimengich on Monday, July 22 launched a famine relief campaign in the auditorium. The aim of the campaign is to raise money, food and prayers for the famine stricken people in northern Kenya. The campaign will run until 21st August and is being co-ordinated by the Community Outreach Program (COP).

The Bishop spoke of the overwhelming task of feeding over 200,000 starving people in the vast diocese, and the desperation that people in that region of the country are living through.

“School enrollment has doubled in the region because children are assured of a meal in school. And some of them do not take the food they are served but keep it and take it home to share with other members of their families,” he said.

“People live on one meal in two days. Parents play psychological tricks with children. They pour water into pots and boil it and keep boiling it until the children fall asleep,” he said.

Bishop Kimengich said he had been in Nairobi over the weekend and visited a few parishes. “The Bishop of Lodwar is like a father with many children and empty pockets. There is no point of me going back to Lodwar without food,” he said.

Bishop Kimengich said it has not rained in Lodwar since he was ordained Bishop in May 2010, and temperatures range between 40 and 45 degrees centigrade. He quoted an explorer who went to Lodwar in 1860 and wrote that ‘Turkana is next to hell on earth’.

How to Donate

Send money via mpesa to this number: 0700 108 168 Deposit money with the University cashiers to the Famine Relief Account Staff can donate through payroll by sending an email to casena(at)

Please Note

The University will match every shilling donated to the relief effort. That means if you donate one shilling, the University will donate a shilling to match your donation.

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