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Strathmore Business School Launches Global CEO – Africa Program

  Mar 16, 2018

Today’s global, interconnected world calls for senior leaders who are uniquely attuned to the economic currents and market shifts that could advance or undermine their firm’s long-term sustainability. The Global CEO Program for Africa launched on 14th March is designed to address the dynamic trends and turbulence that disrupt and define business operations globally.

The program developed for top-tier business leaders including board members, C-Suite executives, presidents and chief decision makers of companies with interests or a presence in Africa, is led by three renowned business schools; Lagos Business School, Strathmore Business School, and IESE Business School.

“It is time we think critically of growing Africa, by training CEOs who will think and create African markets that are globally competitive,” said Dr. George Njenga – Dean Strathmore Business School during the launch of the program.

Although Africa continues to attract a lot of attention and opportunities from investors, most of these countries run the jeopardy of losing their sovereignty to global companies whose influence mostly disregard local business operation policies and stifle the growth of local businesses. In the face of these hurdles; African CEOs with a vision of transcending their firm’s reach beyond Africa must have a change of mindset in thinking about competition, strategy and products and platform economics. “Being relevant after a millennial is about having an impact way beyond your children, way beyond boundaries, but it’s about creating ideas that can traverse the planet over generations to come, and that is what Global CEO’s have learned to do and do it well,” remarked Dr. Gilbert Saggia Managing Director SAP.

The learning cornerstones of the program include Integrative thinking, Innovative mindset, Decision analysis, Change agents, Communication, Negotiation and Influence, Self- Management and Governance.

Individuals from the Global CEO program will be granted Alumni status in all three of the schools and will be invited to join as members of the respective Alumni associations.

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