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Strathmore Business School Dean and Faculty Contribute to AJOM’s First Special Edition

  Jan 8, 2016

Regional integration in the East Africa Community, (EAC) has had its own fair share of battles; fetes and fouls which tell the story of the region from a two-faced coin perspective. The EAC, composed of  five countries; Kenya, Uganda,  Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi amidst daunting challenges, has however displayed promising prospects for deeper integration, provided that the EAC continues to build on its successes, confronts current and future challenges, and takes a holistic long-term approach to the effective management of deeper regional integration.

Putting this into perspective: A Profile of the East African Community, an article published in the 1st edition of the Africa Journal of management, special edition, (AJOM), explores the evolution of regional integration in Eastern Africa, EAC’s governance, institutional arrangements and outlines key integration achievements to date, notably the establishment of the Common Market, the promise to establish the monetary union by 2017, and the ultimate goal of achieving a political federation.

The paper co-authored by Dr. Fred Ogola, Senior Lecturer – Strathmore Business School, Dr. George Njenga, Dean – Strathmore Business School, Dr. Peter C. Mhando and Prof. Moses N. Kiggundu, was presented during the 3rd biennial Africa Academy of Management Conference, held at Strathmore business School on 7th January 2016.

Dr, Ogola gave an outlook of the nuts and bolts which took in working on the paper, mentioning the dangers of trusting single sourced data. False data impedes representation of findings and hence it’s imperative that researchers lend an ardent eye towards data sourcing and their credibility.

Following suite, Dr. Njenga spoke on the relevance of data in decision making, bringing to mention that academic contributions, must be oriented towards industry significance.

Prof. Kiggundu, pointed out that EAC’s partner states, must strive to spearhead the implementation of developing policies. Alluding from the former President of Germany, H.E  Horst Koehler’s article, The Impossibility of Speaking of Africa, Prof. Kiggundu stated that, “anything we say about Africa today, will be different tomorrow. Management and integration in Africa today, can only get be better tomorrow.” He further added that Africa must be integrated by itself.

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