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Senior Lecturer Co-Authors Book and Publication

  Oct 28, 2011

Dr Freddie Acosta, a senior lecturer in Management Information Systems at Strathmore Business School has co-authored a book with Mr. Yedji Mbangsouna entitled Information Security and its Investment Justification: The Role of Cost-Benefit Analysis of Information Measures for Investment Justification.

The book which can be reviewed and ordered through its ISBN: 978-3-8454-4077-4, addresses the challenges related to justification of system security investment when the perception of cost benefit of the security project differs respectively from one stakeholder (top management, IT security manager, end-users, etc) to another. Further, cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is very difficult to perform with exactitude because of the intangibility of security mechanism cost and benefits. Therefore, it is worth to fully depend on it for investment decision making. The role of Cost-Benefit Analysis of information Security Measures for Investment justification is seeking to draw the line around CBA’s limitation. It develops a framework of decision-making of information security investment based on the CBA.

Dr. Freddie has also written a paper entitled Impact of adopting Enterprise Resource Planning Systems by commercial Organizations in Kenya, with MBA Alumnus Mustafa Abdullabhai. The paper was accepted for publication at the DLSU Business & Economics Review (DLSU B&E Review) for its January 2012 edition. The paper was able to establish the kind of benefits various sizes of organization’s adopting ERP systems realized and the differences that exist as well as challenges and benefits with respect to the size of the organisation and age of ERP System. The paper also identified how various benefits and challenges are interconnected and interdependent.

The DLSU Business & Economics Review publishes high quality theoretical, empirical, and ethodological research in the fields of accounting, business management, commercial law, economics, finance and marketing. The articles published must meet the high standards of scholarship and should be able to make significant contributions to the business and economics discipline and stimulate interest in further research. The journal is published twice a year. The paper is abstracted and indexed in EBSCO, accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines, and available on the World Wide Web via Philippine Journals Online.

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