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Senior Lecturer Appointed Board Member

  Nov 12, 2014

Dr. Freddie Acosta, a Senior Lecturer at Strathmore Business School, has been appointed as a Board Member of Carrel Technologies, a growing technology company whose products are Enterprise Applications, Data and Telecommunication networks, Business analytics and Business Intelligence, Data Centre Infrastructure. Carrel Technologies is also a gold partner of Oracle, with operations in Kenya and South Sudan.

Dr. Freddie Acosta teaches Information & Technology Management and served as a Visiting Professor at the International School of Management (Senegal) and University of Asia and the Pacific‘s South-East Asia Business Studies (Philippines). His area of research and expertise pivots around the interplay of strategic management and information systems, as well as on the role of new information and communication technologies for organizational learning, knowledge management, transformation and innovation. He has studied problems of technology adoption and IS implementation in great depth. From an industry perspective, he is especially interested in those industries that are being transformed by recent technological advances.

Dr. Acosta started as a computer programmer, system network engineer and entrepreneur in his early career before joining the academia. In the most recent past, he served as Chief Information Officer of a regional energy company in-charge of its ICT in East Africa. Dr. Acosta, holds a BSc (Computer Engineering) from Mapua Institute of Technology, Master of Business Administration (Business Technology), Master of Business Education and PhD (DevEd-MIS) from University of Baguio, Philippines. He is a Harvard Business School-trained Case Methodology teacher (CPCL-2006) and IT leader (DIS-2008).

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