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Overcoming the Challenges that Women Leaders Face

  Nov 12, 2014

Women in Leadership positions are increasing and with the positions, they are bringing diverse personalities and motivational strengths to leadership, which is in turn redefining it. According to a Study on qualities that distinguish women leaders, they were found to share a strong profile. They are assertive, persuasive, empathic, willing to take risks, outgoing, flexible and have a need to get things done.” However, a few challenges continue to face them.

Leadership Style

Society stereotypes have perceived women as the ‘weaker’ gender and when it comes to work, it’s no different. Women have had to work twice as hard as their male counterparts to succeed and continue succeeding. Unfortunately for some, the leadership style employed is that of extreme toughness to deter ‘weak’ labels. It is interesting that the feminine leadership style is currently being adopted by both genders and is being labeled as a successful style of leadership. A global survey conducted in 13 countries quoted feminine leadership traits as essential to solving today’s most pressing problems in business, education, government and more.

How then does one discover and enhance a leadership style, which works for them?

Work-Life Balance and Integration

Balancing work and life can be deemed as a daunting task and some times almost impossible. Initially Work-Life Balance was highly recommended but it had its flaws in that some were not able to ignore their work when they were at home. Work-Life Integration is now the preferred option due to advances in technology. People are now able to bring in aspects of their life into work and vice versa at the touch of a button on their phones or tablets.

The question is , how one can achieve a healthy balance between these two facets successfully?

Living femininely

Did you know that the more you act like a lady the more you bring out the gentlemanly side of men? Choosing to display the good traits of femininity is empowering. It however requires a commitment to personal development and a lifelong journey to becoming your best and in turn encouraging others to be at their best.

How then can one be aided to bring out the best in their self and cause a ripple of intrinsic transformation to achieve excellence in all spheres of their life?

The Women in Leadership Program will harness the features within you that need to be harnessed and when well managed, will help you achieve efficiency and effectiveness as you handle the multiple roles that you play in society and the workplace.

The program will focus on:

• Leadership self awareness: using leadership style assessment

• Creating your life’s strategy

• Communicating with clarity

• Living femininely

• Habits of excellence

• Leadership passages

• Getting things done

• Negotiation

• Managing your career & upwards

• Work life integration strategies

• Transforming your organisations through EEE

For more information, click here.

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