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Senior Lecturer and MBA Student Publish Case in International Journal

  Mar 6, 2014

Strathmore Business School’s Senior Lecturer, Dr. Freddie Acosta and Samuel Ndonga, an MBA Student wrote a case study titled ‘Musoni Microfinance Kenya: IT-enabled business model’, which illustrates the general innovation concepts in a leading microfinance company in Kenya

The case, which has been published by Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies 2014, focuses on Musoni Kenya, a Kenyan microfinance institution (MFI) whose idea was conceived in The Netherlands. The Musoni business model is ICT-enabled, 100 percent mobile based, virtually paperless, and runs on an ICT platform housed in Musoni BV in Amsterdam. It is built on tested mobile technology that allows huge savings on transaction and operating costs. Using mobile payments, clients receive and perform bank operations anytime anywhere. This saves transport costs, transaction time and increases safety as no cash has to be carried around even in dangerous areas.

The mobile payments enable clients to make large improvements in loan officer efficiency and makes tracing payments seamless, saving on administration costs. The Musoni branches are also inexpensive as they are only used as the point of contact with customers hence reducing the cost of setting up operations even in remote areas. These efficiencies are passed on to clients in the form of lower interest rates and to stakeholders in the form of good returns on investments. The company aims to use this knowledge, experience and global ICT platform to expand to other countries with a suitable mobile payments environment.

The case documents the innovation dilemma facing the management of the fledgling microfinance company in determining the pace of innovation and the feasibility of launching of a similar service in Uganda following the successful establishment and growth of the company in Kenya.

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