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Joining Hands to Fight Climate Change

  Mar 5, 2014

Kenya has won international accolades for spearheading cutting-edge home-grown innovations in agriculture and environmental conservation, which is cited in a landmark publication entitled “State around the globe 2011: Innovations that nourish the Planet”. (Business Today, 2014 )

Hosted at Strathmore Business School (SBS) the Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (CIC) is situated on the 3rd floor of the building. CIC is one of the major engines driving innovations aimed at saving the environment and mankind in general by fighting climate change one step at a time. Major strides have been made by CIC; whereby they are supporting over 70 clean tech ventures providing climate smart solutions in renewable energy, water management and agribusiness. CIC aims at ensuring households have access to clean water, affordable sources of energy and increase yield in agriculture through the various technologies being supported by the center

CIC Kenya held an exclusive exhibition at the Strathmore Business School aimed at sharing life-changing innovations to worthwhile investors.

Among the stands was the convenient Jiko Chap Chap from Develatech, an innovation of the traditional Jiko that saves on wood fuel and controls the emission of harmful fumes. This invention would revolutionise rural homesteads which have been run by firewood which tend to expose the elderly to harmful carbon monoxide fumes.

Kenya Biologics’ Gemtrack was also an eye catcher. The Gemtrack is one of Kenya Biologics’ inventions aimed at controlling the breeding of the diamondback moth, one of the pests notorious for destroying horticulture. Their other product on exhibition was Helitec, a pathogen invented to fight the persistent bollworm and keep agricultural products safe from harmful chemicals at the same time, sounding more like hitting two birds with one stone.

Angaza, a company redefining rural electrification had their innovative Pay-As-You-Go solar-powered light on exhibition too. Their application of Information Technology to the use of solar-powered lights was pure genius. Solar-powered lights are very expensive and to the person living in rural Kenya, this is a major let-down. However, Angaza have come up with a convenient way to deal with this problem. The Pay-As-You-Go SoLITE3, as it is called, allows a customer to buy the lamp on hire purchase. With a deposit of as low as 600 shillings, a customer can take home the SoLITE3 and use mobile subscriptions to pay for the instalments, getting an activation of the light after each payment.

These and many more were just some of the wonderful ideas brought forth by CIC to SBS where we innovators joined hands with worthy partners to change the world. This creativity just proves that where there is light, there is hope. Roses should stay red and the sky blue, we care for our environment and so should you.

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