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Senior Lecturer’s Case to be Published by Emerald Publishing

  Oct 1, 2014

ZAIDI OIL: The SAP ERP Dilemma case study co-authored by Senior lecturer at SBS, Dr. Freddie Acosta and his wife Dr. Arlene S. Acosta is to be published by Emerald Publishing, which is a global publisher linking research and practice to the benefit of society.

The case that was inspired by actual events is a complex one as it concentrates on thorough financial analysis and a multi-attribute ranking technique. It focuses on Abbas, the new ICT Director from South Africa, who was worried that Zaidi was building a larger regional company based on an ERP system created for smaller companies. Abbas’s fears also included the software vendor’s past inability to provide efficient support services. Kariuki, his Finance Director, on the other hand had the fear of overspending on an enormous IT system where the current functionalities required could be addressed by a smaller system through add-ons, customization and development.
From the case, the CEO was totally unable to make a decision, which caused a division among his senior team on the issue. The authors changed the names of the people, company, industry and country and added some information to demonstrate certain teaching points.

Currently, the case is being used to teach the MBA program on the Management Information System and Decision Analysis units. The case can also be used to teach units on Strategic Management, Financial Management and Risk Management.

About the Authors

Dr. Freddie Acosta, holds a BSc (Computer Engineering) from Mapua Institute of Technology, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Business Education and PhD (MIS) from University of Baguio, Philippines. He is a Harvard Business School-trained Case Methodology teacher (CPCL-2006) and IT leader (DIS-2008).

Dr. Arlene Acosta holds a Bachelor of Education, Master of Arts in Education and PhD in Development Education from University of Baguio, Philippines. Her research pivots around the philosophies of Constructivism, Pragmatism and Humanism as bases for participant-centered learning. She has also attended a management course at Strathmore Business School.

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