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AMP Participants Get Firm Insights on Visit To Haco Tiger Brands

  Sep 25, 2014

Industrial visits are experienced in most education institutions as an integral part of studying or a school’s curriculum. During such visits students are taken round companies to get insights regarding the internal working environment of a company and how a company functions, as well as useful information related to the practical aspects of the educational course which cannot be visualized in lectures.

Strathmore Business School is not new to company visits. Every year certain programs are privileged to attend an industrial visit to a firm of their choice or one that has been selected by the institution. This time round the Advanced Management Program (AMP), a joint program between Strathmore Business School (SBS), Lagos Business School (LBS) and IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain had the opportunity to take more than 30 CEOs and directors in the private and public sectors for a one day tour to Haco Tiger Brand one of Kenya’s most admired branded FMCG company in Eastern Africa.

The AMP Participants were shown the manufacturing plant and were taken round most of the processes on how Haco Tiger Brand goes about its production. Haco Tiger Brands a FMCG company mostly deals with Stationary, Skin care products, Homecare products and Food products. The company is home to the famous every day Bic pens, Hair and skin products Such as TCB, Motions, Palmer’s coco butter and homecare products such as ACE Bleach among other large variety of products they offer.
The participants had the opportunity to ask questions on how the company continues to penetrate the Kenyan market with some of its products being foreign brands and still manage to remain relevant, visible and ahead of their competitors.

Participants also inquired on how the company listens to their consumers, manage a good brand reputation and fight imports and counterfeits.
Finance and Strategy Director at Family Bank, Mr. Njung’e Kamau commended the Haco team for its great job, “It is great to see that your brands are visible in the market, and that this home grown company is growing to this kind of a level of transforming the country.”

Industrial visits are considered one of the most tactical methods of teaching that provide participants with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Visiting a company gives participants a practical perspective on the world of other companies and exposure to current work practices as opposed to possibly theoretical knowledge being taught in class. For those who are already working, it gives them an opportunity to see what other companies are practicing and what measures they are putting into place to help their companies transform, grow and succeed.

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