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SBS Set to Host Annual Agribusiness Investment Summit

  Feb 28, 2019

Strathmore University Business School (SBS) will host over 350 agribusiness investors and other key stakeholders in our 3rd annual convening: The 3rd Annual Agribusiness Investors summit 2019 on March 28th and 29th 2019.

The theme of the summit is: Post-harvest management and its impact on food security and nutrition.

SBS, in collaboration with both local and international partners, continues to provide world-class solutions in our local context towards increased agricultural production and improved livelihoods.

The 2019 summit will achieve this in 2 components as follows:


Component 1:  Value-Chain Working Groups/ Roundtables


The first component of the Agribusiness Investors Summit 2019 involves discussions in value chain focused working groups.

There is a need to develop solutions that will significantly reduce losses during harvest and on-farm storage, as well as off the farm along the value chain to the market. The working groups will be split into the following value chains:

  1. Apiculture: Eliud Maundu
  2. Dairy: Mr.David Maina, MD, Perfometer
  3. Cereals and pulses: Ms.Jacinta Mwau, EAGC
  4. Horticulture: Mr.Gerald Muthomi, MD, Meru Greens Horticulture Ltd
  5. Fruits: Mr.John Kariuki, Head of Agribusiness, BIDCO Africa Ltd
  6. Herbs: Mr.Lorenzo Conto
  7. Nutritious foods: Mr.Dan Haswell, Global Alliance for improved Nutrition

Each working group will focus on the following areas:

  • Shared experiences form agri-preneurs within the value chain
  • The challenges facing the value chain at the post-harvest stage
  • The opportunities and innovative solutions to these challenges
  • How does this tie in with the goal of food and nutrition security?


Component 2: Panel Discussion Sessions


The second component of the Agribusiness Investors Summit 2019 will involve panel discussion sessions and will provide forum for impactful conversations and discussions around the following thematic areas:

  1. Presentations from the working groups on Post-Harvest opportunities across the value chains
  2. The risks of post-harvest mismanagement: how can we ensure that our food is safe?
  3. How does quality on the farm translate to quality on the plate?
  4. Poor harvesting practices and handling: is mechanization the solution?
  5. Innovations and technologies in food storage and food preservation
  6. Value addition and waste management as solutions to post-harvest losses and the opportunities for agri-preneurs (panel discussion topic)
  7. Diversification and change of mind-sets: Should we shift focus to indigenous foods not traditionally considered as staples?
  8. The critical role of data and how it influences decision making along the value chains

Strengthening the link between good nutrition and good health


We hope to see you all there for this opportunity to access mentorship from successful and seasoned entrepreneurs through the various agribusiness value chains. Register here

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