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SBS Partner IESE has 7th Best MBA in the World

  Jan 30, 2015

The MBA program at IESE, the main and founding partner of Strathmore Business School (SBS) is among the best in the world, coming in at position seven in a recent ranking by the Financial Times. This marks the tenth time in as many years that it has been among the best ten, and comes as IESE prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the program.

Because of the close partnership between SBS and IESE, the ranking is also a testament to the quality of SBS’s own MBA program, which is intimately linked with, although unique and separate from, the corresponding program at IESE.

Every year, SBS and IESE students participate in an exchange program (International module) in order to better understand the reality of doing business in Europe and Africa. The most recent group from IESE left SBS on Friday, 23rd January, 2015. This exchange program contributes greatly to the international character of both programs, for which IESE was praised as well.

Franz Heukamp, the Associate Dean of the MBA Program at IESE, acknowledges this in his communique concerning the ranking, saying in part, “… IESE MBA comes in first worldwide in international course experience. This reflects the effort over the past years to provide high quality overseas modules in… Nairobi (at SBS), putting emphasis on practical learning experiences through local company projects.”

SBS’s MBA program benefits a lot also from the fact that it is delivered by a well-qualified panel of local and international faculty members, a number of whom come from IESE and teach the world-leading MBA program there. This makes it one of the best MBA programs in Kenya and Africa.

The partnership has been a major contributor the rise of SBS as a leading business school in the region within its short ten-year history.

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