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SBS MBA Diversity: My Aspiration Story

  Feb 27, 2014

One can’t help but notice by just walking into the Strathmore Business School (SBS) MBA welcome cocktail event, the difference in the crowd, small groups of people gathered together talking on serious matters while others laugh away as they mingle and get to know their classmates. The young and middle aged, the edgy and traditional, all ages gathered at the cocktail that’s aimed to bring together the Class of 2014 Evening and Modular SBS MBA students. Speaking to a few students just to get an understanding of what they do and their views on various topics is the easiest way to understand a whole lot about a person. A person’s mind balances on an equilibrium that determines most of his/her views, be it political, social or spiritual and understanding one of those aspects is like getting a peep hole to his mind. And so I went on my little Sherlock Holmes information gathering expedition.

Judging the book by its cover, I noticed the younger, edgy students, the ones in trendy clothes, high heels, bright colours, nicely-fitted suits; what I would refer to as the sleek professionals. On the other hand, there were the traditional ones, the more conventional students, the men in checked coats, the women in short heels, if any, those who minimalized on accessories and wore little or no makeup.

As I approached the students, my expectations were a complete contradiction to what I thought. I was impressed by the topics they discussed, to how they understood different matters, to their methods of approach and the variety of solutions they presented. Views and opinions from Japan and South Sudan, China and Tanzania,Uganda and Burundi; from the financial officer in Kigali to H.E. Nanok, Governor of the lately fortunate Turkana County and from the individual working for the private organisation in Nairobi City to the one working for Dadaab – the world’s largest refugee camp – the place was buzzing with people from all walks of life.

But despite their differences, they all came to SBS with similar purposes; to share their experiences, to better themselves, their organisations and to look for ways to transform the lives of the people around them; they were all brought together to the cocktail, all seeking a good cause. This makes the SBS MBA a diverse course with a universal experience and an international networking platform. I am proud to have attended for this experience shapes my future.

Andrew Kigen is a Student at Strathmore University

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