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Remote Working in the Covid-19 Era: How to Ensure Productivity

  Mar 27, 2020

With the Covid-19 global pandemic causing shocks all over the global economy, businesses all over the world have had to adapt to ensure continuity of work. The global business environment has become unpredictable and has been changing very fast over the past 2 months or so. For a business to be able to survive crises such as the Covid-19, it is imperative to adopt an agile, yet resilient approach.

Governments around the world have issued nationwide lockdowns causing a shift to remote working for many organizations. The biggest headache for most managers during this period is how to ensure their employees’ productivity and keep them accountable for their work.

A change in the working environment can lead to increased productivity or a dip in productivity for others, more so those who have been pushed into remote working abruptly.

Here a few tips managers can use to help improve their team’s productivity.
1. Constant Communication
For a team to work effectively together, there must be constant communication. Online team huddles and meetings give the team a chance to share their achievements for the previous day and expected achievements for the next day.

2. Task management tools
Task management tools such as Google Drive or Trello, allow the team to stay productive and accountable; everyone can map out their day and at the same time provide transparency to the larger team.

3. Offer several communication options
When it comes to remote working, email communication only is not enough. Platforms such as Zoom and Slack are a good option, especially when having simple but time-sensitive conversations.

On the other hand, as a remote worker, you also need to play your part in ensuring you remain productive.

1. Create a work schedule and stick to it
Without a schedule, it may be impossible to work from home because of the numerous distractions that will keep coming up.

2. Prioritize your health
When working home especially during a crisis like this, you may find that you are not prioritizing your health. You can ensure you stay healthy by eating a balanced diet, exercising for at least 30 minutes and drinking plenty of water.
In a crisis such as the Covid-19, anxiety, panic, and psychological issues may arise due to the nature of the crisis. Ensure you stay calm and composed to ensure your mental wellbeing.

3. Take regular breaks
It is very important to get up from your workspace, stretch and refocus. By doing this, you will be able to be more creative in your work and your thinking. Breaks do wonders for your mental wellbeing.

4. Regular online contact
When working away from the usual office bustle, you may tend to be socially isolated. Social isolation can greatly impact a team, which is why it important for the team to be in constant communication with each other; check in on your colleagues constantly.

5. Ensure your work set-up is safe
When it comes to workspaces, ensuring your employees are set up safely and effectively is paramount for productivity. For your workspace, get a comfortable desk and chair that allows you to work comfortably without straining your back or neck.

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