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Realising Success through Self Image

  Aug 10, 2012

Dr. Maxwell Maltz a cosmetic facial surgeon and prolific author wrote a popular self-help book titled ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’. From the book, Dr. Maltz argues that one’s self image is the key to a better life. Our entire personality is based on the self image which is a mental depiction of how we view ourselves and it is usually formed from past experiences especially from our childhood.

A positive image will lead to a positive life. In most cases, one’s ability is restricted to their belief of their limitation. When you believe you can do more, most certainly, you will do more. The same is true for negative thoughts and beliefs. When you believe you cannot do more, then automatically your mechanism will see that you cannot do more.

Fortunately, self image can be changed at any age by analyzing your self image. Isolate your real strengths and weaknesses and examine your qualities, attitudes and emotions. Dr. Maltz states that the changes resulting from developing a realistic self-image occurs as a result of self realization and revelation. From this, one can change their personality which is a combination of habits, skills and attitude. An improved personality leads to an improved image which may lead to happiness which is a mental attitude that is pleasant. People think, perform and feel better and healthier when they are happy.

Consciously make it a habit to remember successful efforts and ignore past failures. It helps to mentally picture the desired results which will force one to think positively.

Dr. Maltz further affirms that each one of us has the ability and power to do what we need to be happy and successful as soon as we believe.

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