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PMD: Transforming Business Leaders

  Jul 29, 2011

Module IV of Program for Management Development was held at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, Johannesburg, South Africa where the forty participants from Strathmore Business School explored the entrepreneurial potential of their own firms and developed the ability to negotiate in competitive and collaborative situations.

They were taken through sessions that covered leadership, marketing, emotional intelligence, innovation management and project management.


Leadership and People Management by Pieter van Vuuren

The participants with equipped with an insight into the difference between management and leadership and the critical role that leaders play in organisations. They were able to demonstrate an appreciation of the fundamentals of leadership and management and explore the new developments in leadership theory and apply these advances in their own leadership journeys. In addition, they were introduced to management tools that will assist them to facilitate change within the group or division in which they operate.

Marketing Management by Michael Goldman

The participants were exposed to the latest thinking and practice within the marketing discipline in order to develop their managerial capacity to actively participate in marketing their organisation, effectively engage with marketing professionals and suppliers and responsibly support their marketing colleagues.

Emotional Intelligence by Monique Stock

The participants gained an understanding of emotional intelligence within the context of their careers and organisations. These skills are the foundation of sustainable performance excellence in that our thinking and behaviour creates our results in life and the organisational context.

Innovation Management by Tashmia Ismail

This course recognised that participants have experience of changing organisations through their work experience and sought to use their experiences as the basis for classroom learning. The participants were expected to actively engage in practice-based analysis.

UTi Pharma

The PMD participants visited UTi Pharma, a company that ensures patients get quality medicine. UTi Pharma has developed its business hand-in-hand with many of today’s leading pharmaceutical companies, providing them and millions of patients with value-for-money, accessible and reliable healthcare. The participants were amazed by the seamless operation in the warehouse and the revenue turnover of the company. They exchanged contacts and are currently working on ways they can start a subsidiary in East Africa.

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