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NMG Editors Attend Program at SBS

  Jul 27, 2012

Editors from Nation Media Group, the leading multi-media house in the East African region attended a program on Editorial Leadership and Management at Strathmore Business School from the 23rd – 27th July 2012.

The editors were introduced to key topics such as strategic planning, effective communication, project management, leadership, performance management and resolving conflicts among others.

The program was facilitated by an experienced pool of faculty comprising of Dr. Monica Kerretts, Dr. Ben Ngoye, Dr. Fredrick Ogola, Luis Franchesci, Sam Watene and Paul Ouma. Dr. Mungai in his closing remarks emphasized on the importance of bringing out the aspect of the truth. “You have to get people who speak the truth. You are in the position to let people know what they need to do to change, he further stated.”

He concluded by stating that editors have a responsibility to be the light and the truth.

The Editorial Leadership and Management program is one of the In-Company Programs offered by SBS. The programs are designed according to the specialized needs of the organisations in a bid to improve their output and make them more knowledgeable in their workplace.

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