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Nestle Negotiations Program Held

  Aug 3, 2012

Any effective negotiation should result in a win-win situation for both ends. There should be a mutual understanding and a point of action. To become an effective negotiator takes practice. A good negotiator should always have the end in mind. She/he should be prepared, ready to exchange information, bargain and should close with a commitment. This was the take back from a four-day training held for Nestle Kenya, the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company at Strathmore Business School.

The participants acquired valuable negotiation skills which are crucial in today’s ‘deal economy’. Negotiations are carried out on a day to day basis and in order for one to succeed, they need to learn and understand how to make and close negotiations.

The participants were taught key sessions on the principles of negotiation, negotiation environment, negotiation types, temperament and negotiation, negotiation styles and contracts and agreements among others by a pool of faculty including Dr. Robert Mudida, Peter Kwenjera, Dr. Luis Franceschi and Dr. Monica Kerrets.

The training ended with a guest speaker session held by James Nyiha from Nyiha and Mukoma Advocates and a graduation ceremony presided by the Director of Executive Education, David Mugun.

From the participants

“I was encouraged by the warm welcome and I gained a lot from the knowledge imparted by the lecturers. I have garnered great negotiation skills from the program.”

Paul Onyoyo

“I have learnt that negotiations is about creating a win-win situation. I liked the class layout and I feel at peace at Strathmore Business School.”


“I have had a great transformation. The training has been an eye opener. The lecturers were very vibrant and I have gotten value for money. It was worth it.”

Lawson Tendai

The Master Negotiator

The Master Negotiator focuses on equipping you with the right tools to help you achieve successful business deals. It is led by a leading negotiation professor, Juan Roure, a professor in the Entrepreneurship Department and member of IESE Business School’s International Advisory Board.

For more information, click here.

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