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Managing Agribusiness

  Feb 20, 2012

Agribusiness continues to be one of the key sectors of the national economy today. However, the sector landscape is rapidly changing and getting increasingly complex. This fact necessitates improved understanding of both the risks and opportunities that are emerging.

The Agribusiness Program is designed to help you grow your agribusiness into a key driver that can shape the sector. The program will leverage a lot on the experiences of our faculty members, Prof. Juan Rusinek and Dr. Raquel Sastre who founded Amerika 2001 S.A. which is a leading company in the production of Canola Oil.

Amerika 2001 S.A is a global agribusiness firm co owned by Prof. Juan Rusinek and Dr. Raquel Sastre. It specializes in the production of Canola Oil through its Kroll Brand, beef production and honey production. Since its founding in 1997, the firm has earned an international reputation for high quality products, innovation, technological leadership, and an extraordinarily distinguished staff.

Prizes that have been scooped by America 2001 S.A

Some of the prizes that have been scooped by America 2001 S.A include ARGENINTA 2009 Food Quality Award, French Bank Business Creativity Award 2010, LA NACION Newspaper Gold Award In Agribusiness 2010 and LA NACION Newspaper Best Food Industry Award 2010. Click here to view a video of the Krol brand.

The program is thus designed uniquely to help assess the emerging trends and issues, identify best practices in the sector, and explore new approaches to agribusiness. We hope to inspire agribusiness owners to forge a significant presence in many of the world’s markets; within both the major industrialized nations and emerging markets. The program will inculcate activities leading to the deployment of investment strategies based on either mathematical models or human expertise: Prof. Roberto Bisang , who helped design the Argentinian Agricultural policy and who continues to advise the World Bank, WHO and other international bodies on agricultural policy will deliver on this. The program will also focus on the development of diverse product lines as a market penetration technique and also to minimize on risk.

The Managing Agribusiness program will help you to gain new insights into the sector’s future in a region where hunger, famine and drought are causing demand for food, and other agricultural products to increase drastically. We will employ approaches that will encourage the exchange of ideas to inspire you to greater heights of achievement.

Click here to view more information on the program.

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