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Kenya and Germany Unite To Develop Youth Leaders and Entrepreneurs

  Oct 15, 2014

Former German President Horst Kohler who earlier visited Strathmore Business School met with Dr. George Njenga, Dean of Strathmore Business School for a second time round in the office of the Former German president during the Dean’s visit to Germany on an official tour.

The two held a two hour meeting with to discuss projects that would enhance developing Kenyan youth leaders and entrepreneurs in cooperation with Germany.
The Dean received a warm reception from the former President, which was a clear manifestation of the warm affection the former President of Germany has for our country Kenya. More importantly, the former President indicated that he believed in Africa and especially in the Kenyan youth. He stated that no policy should sideline the youth and youth leadership training is worthwhile since the youth form the most important part of the African population and the future of the continent is in their hands.

In his earlier visit to SBS, Mr Kohler gave a public lecture urging the government to work together with the private sector in a bid to create a thriving business climate for entrepreneurs to invest in Kenya.

“It is the responsibility of the government to build trust in and respect for its institutions, otherwise it will be hard to attract the right kind of investment,” he said.

During his visit, Dr. Njenga was impressed by Mr. Kohler’s office décor which was adorned by Kenya artifacts albeit other gifts from Zambia placed with decorum. It was evident that the former president is a true friend of our country Kenya.

We hope that the Euro-African Cooperation will result in a win-win future for Africa and Europe and that this century witnesses the possible re-emergence of a greater partnership between Europe and Africa.

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