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Creating Authentic Teams for High Performance

  Oct 15, 2014

The aspect of working as a team cannot be ignored in organizations. Today we see many companies taking their employees for team building sessions in an effort to create a bond between staff and eventually translate good working relationships into excellent organizational output.

The Strategy Summit class session on ‘Creating Authentic Teams for High Performance’ addressed by Irene Kinuthia, a faculty at SBS stated, “Team work involves working together to achieve something beyond the capabilities of individuals working alone.”

An effective team needs a team leader who will help steer the others towards the same direction. The role of the team leader is to identify the specific task that needs to be done and to communicate it clearly to the team members. Each member of the team is endowed with different capabilities and therefore, the strengths of each member helps to execute the whole task.

In order to create high-performing teams, there are particular factors to be considered:

Generate Stands:

The expected output should be made clear to the whole team, and they ought to commit to it. When people do not know the specifics of what is required of them, they operate on vague concepts and therefore deliver minimal results.

Align the stand to shared purposes and goals of the team:

This ensures that all members have a common understanding. The team should also be flexible, innovative and open minded to be able to translate the goals in their own way.

Accountability and responsibility:

Team members should clarify their own expectations so as to create awareness of their responsibilities among themselves. This makes it easy for anyone to follow up on tasks that are to be accomplished.

Decisive coordinated action:

The team leader should ensure that there is synergy within the team and that activities are done in a synchronized way. In addition, the efforts of the team should be visible to the entire organization.

Reward accomplishment:

Celebration/ recognition and acknowledgement of employees should be part of the policy system. This serves to motivate l employees as well as appreciate those who are doing a great job.

Effectiveness in breakdown:

Top management should equip team leaders to deal with the challenges of team members. This creates and environment of mutual support. Team leaders should be skilled in problem solving and thus mobilize the team to work together to achieve the set task.

Straight talk:

Direct honest and timely dialogue is important as it gives platform for employees to air their grievances thus clearing the air for people to work effectively.

Many researchers have proven that team work will always override work done individually. It is therefore important that all organizations strive to create high performing teams. After all, the success of a team is the success of the organization.

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