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Inaugural Strategy Program Held

  Nov 1, 2011

The inaugural Strategic Performance Management Program was held at SBS from 24th – 28th October 2011. The participants were introduced to Understanding Corporate Strategy by the course leader, Sam Watene.

The program was value-based with sessions on performance management, the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), change management, performance appraisal and evaluating corporate performance. The pool of faculty included Sam Watene – Director, Altima, Paul Ouma – Director, MBA Programs at SBS and Mary Waceke – Muia – Head of Change Management, KenGen.

The participants took home key learnings on assessing the effectiveness of the organisation’s performance management system, identifying opportunities to enhance performance management and developing competencies to support the strategy execution.

The guest speaker, Ken Wamae – Managing Director, Allied Resource Partners, shared the experiences at his workplace with the introduction of their performance management system. He attributed the success of the system to support from the top management and induction of all staff to the system to foster engagement.

The Balance Scorecard system is able to track the performance of the staff which accommodates accountability especially during the remuneration process. Mr. Wamae urged the participants to set goals that are within their control when developing their scorecard to ensure that they meet their targets.

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About SPM

An effective performance management system ensures that an organisation focuses on the creation of value for the stakeholders beginning with the paying customer. Many organisations engage in superfl uous activities that neither deliver value to the customer nor are aligned to their defined strategies.

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