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How Motivated is Your Sales Team?

  Nov 25, 2011

Sales is an evolving art; one that will continue to develop in strategies and tactics as customers become more knowledgeable of their rights and value for money. The fact that information on products is easily available thanks to technology, as well as the vast array of products that customers have, leaves sales team leaders perpetually baffled as they seek ways to meet those monthly, quarterly, semi-quarterly and annual sales targets.

Dr. Vincent Onyemah, a senior lecturer at the Babson College – Massachusetts, USA, was the program leader of the Building and Leading an Effective Sales Force Program, where 35 sales team leaders gathered together in a highly-interactive and mind-challenging 3-day long forum towards becoming more effective in leading their sales team in these dynamic times. Together with Chris Ogbechie, a senior strategy lecturer from Lagos Business School, Dr. Onyemah delivered tools that will leave sales employees motivated to happily meet those targets. He talked about tying organisational fate to the customer’s fate – that the success of an organisation is directly proportionate to the success of the customer. He encouraged sales team leaders to embrace this notion.

He advised the leaders that once you understand the business model of a customer as well as that of your organisation, then you’re destined for success. This will then determine the type of sales team you will have, the numbers as well as a motivation plan, as added by one of the participants in the class.

“If you invest in people you will reap big; you cannot reap where you don’t sow”, said Dr. Onyemah as he talked about how sales people are human beings who need to be treated with dignity and added that, that is a leader’s contribution to the transformation of society at large. Chris Ogbechie and Dr. Onyemah shared on the compensation incentives which when employed can yield great results through your sales team. Dr. Onyemah however pointed out those implementing new designs to match the dynamisms of the world often face resistance – especially from the team.

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