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Great Leaders Don’t Tell You What To Do, They Show You How To Do It

  Feb 19, 2014

Guru Eduardo said, “Great leaders don’t tell you what to do, they show you how to do it.” In light of this, managers and directors of various businesses congregated at Strathmore Business School (SBS) on February 12, 2014 to attend the Owner Manager Program (OMP) orientation day.

The Owner Manager Program is designed with the entrepreneur in mind. The program helps one create value and meet the customer demands as the organization grows. The OMP program provides a unique opportunity for owner managers to step back from the day-to-day demands of running their businesses and by the end of the program one has not only developed a comprehensive and robust strategy for the future of their company but has also acquired a better grasp of the processes of achieving such a great strategy.

Agnes Ruoro, the Director of Executive Education in SBS, gave the welcoming remarks addressing the audience on the role of great leaders: aligning their business with the vision of the organization, continuous process improvement within the organization and the organizational culture within the business. Mrs. Ruoro emphasized on the need for managers to employ the right employees so as to ensure productivity and growth in their businesses.

Present at the orientation was Program Academic Director, Dr. Edward Mungai. An entrepreneurship specialist with interests in entrepreneurship and innovation, He commended the new members of the OMP 2014 class for providing the platform and opportunity for others to obtain employment and proceeded to take the class through the anatomy of an entrepreneur which encompasses: knowledge, passion and fire.

After a detailed overview of the topics of each module, the OMP class was divided into syndicate groups to enable them discuss a case study material, facilitated by Dr. Mungai.

Kairu Bachia- Managing director Masterbill Intergrated Projects, an alumnus of OMP 2013 class, was invited to speak about his experience while undertaking the course. This enabled the OMP students to get clarification from Mr. Bachia about his journey as a Director and how the course was beneficial for him.

In his concluding remarks Mr. Kairu Bachia stated, “OMP has helped me build my confidence in many aspects of my business, especially when it comes to financial statements. Today before putting down my signature, I must question my accountant because I have a better understanding. It feels good.”

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