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Key to Sustainable Operation Solutions: Executive Education Preview Class 2019

  Feb 8, 2019

When we talk of building our organizations capacity for greater success “we are faced with nirvana and reality” said Professor Alejandro Lago, visiting us from IESE Business School in Spain as he spoke at the executive education preview class on 6th February 2019. His focus, S.O.S, not a call for help from those in senior management, but rather Sustainable Operational Solutions that one who attends the executive education programmes gains in order to deliver them from situational crisis.

The Strathmore University Business School preview class for executive education is held to give those interested in the programmes a look into what is offered and the impact these programmes have had on the individuals and corporations that have participated.

Why do we need executive programmes? asked Prof. Lago. He went on to explain that executive programmes allow the opportunity for a non-biased look into your organizational functions and exchange of knowledge in order to design unique solutions to the problems. Executive students are encouraged to enroll so they can deliberate on the topics and take note of what is most important to guarantee not just your individual success but that of their entire organization.

Prof. Lago stated that in order for companies to grow they need to prioritize four things. First, you need to define your key value dimensions. In order to do so, one needs to be aware of their customer’s ‘pain points’. What does your company aim to offer and is it attached to cost, customization or convenience? Prof. Lago stated that you may not be able to offer a client everything or by offering one you may sacrifice another. Second, you need to identify key bottle neck processes. What activities do you need to provide and control? Third, how do you execute them or rather exploit these key resources and lastly, how do we improve? How do we measure our key performance indicators (KPIs) and make this our corporate culture?

The preview class brought forth alumni who gained from participating in one of our programmes. Anne Owuor, a board director at Stima Sacco, one of the many boards she contributes to, spoke on her experience at SBS. She is an alumnus of the Women Directors Leadership Summit. This is an incisive programme that aims at moving the focus from why women should be on boards and C-Suite positions to how they should perform for board excellence and leadership effectiveness. Mrs. Owuor gave her feedback on the course saying it gave her a sense of emotional intelligence in the manner in which she performed her duties. She went on to talk about the need for team work and engaging others in brain storming sessions stating, “it doesn’t make your input less, it makes the idea richer and more powerful”.

Mrs. Owuor was excited by the opportunities to network and talked about their visit to the ‘House of Lords’ in London where they met prominent women in leadership. There her class learned of the passion that these women in power had for their tasks and left with the inspirational perception that these prominent leaders were much like them.

Why SBS? She was asked. “The institution has values that concur with mine and executive students receive individualized attention while studying, the experience not only made me a better leader but a better person” She said.

As we brought the session to a close those in attendance were encouraged to enrol to experience world-class executive management education.

This article was written by Pamela Nyandat.

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