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Dr. Njenga Appointed to the G.R.E.E.N Board

  Oct 10, 2014

The Dean of Strathmore Business School has been appointed to the GREEN network board. Among those he will sit with in the board are: Valerio de Luca, Dominic Salvatore, Jeffrey D. Sachs and Jean- Paul Fitoussi.

The G.R.E.E.N. Project – “Global Rules, Ethics and Economics Network” is a global network among research centers of excellence, that will act as hubs in extending its vision and mission around the world.

These centers provide local support for graduate students, post-docs, professors and practitioners, and will provide an infrastructure for scholars to travel and more easily collaborate with colleagues from around the world.

The International Academy for Social and Economic Development is a non profit and independent association, based in Rome and Brussels.

The mission of the International Academy is to facilitate the building of a global ethic that should constitute the common matrix for a new economic order and a paradigm of long-term development based on the intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue, and on the interaction among state, market and society.

The purpose of the International Academy is to cooperate and to learn from each other, and to search a common methodological consensus that goes beyond disciplinary borders in order to re-establish ethical basis and new economic thinking for integral human development and effective legal order in a multicultural society.

To foster its activities the Academy organizes conferences, symposium, seminars, courses, research, report, working papers and publications.

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