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Business School Graduates Masters Programs Class of 2016

  Jul 1, 2016

Strathmore Business School Masters’ programs are skillfully designed to develop solutions facing Africa, the world’s fastest-growing continent. It is through this realisation that the Business School’s mission to develop transformative business leaders draws nearer each year and with greater success.

This year, on 24th June 2016, Strathmore University graduation day crowned 49 graduates from the Master in Business Administration class and two other inaugural classes; Master in Business Administration- Healthcare Management and Master in Public Policy and Management. MBA-Healthcare Management and Master in Public Policy Management classes graduated 17 and 10 of their students respectively; a strong indicator of the faith and trust executives have placed on building the African dream and the institution’s transformative mission.

Professor Gilbert Kokwaro, Director Institute of Healthcare Management had the following remarks in congratulatory to his pioneer class of MBA Healthcare Management, “This graduation of the pioneering class is indeed an inspiration to the management of the institution as well as other students who are yet to complete their studies.”

Speaking about the vision behind the institute and the Master’s program, Prof. Kokwaro drew examples of the eminent need the country is currently facing in devolving the healthcare sector and the challenges underway. He applauded the programs curriculum and the determination of the graduating class, whom in anticipation of devolution based challenges have worked diligently to improve the deliverance of health services in their respective health centers. “Management of county based health systems was one of the challenges we had anticipated since the promulgation of the constitution in 2010, a niche we have dived into through the MBA in Healthcare Management. Our students from both public and private institutions have made tremendous strides in improving the management of their respective institution, achievements we take pride in, concluded Prof. Kokwaro”

Director of Strathmore Institute of Public Policy and Governance, Professor Robert Mudida, also expressed similar remarks, congratulating the pioneering class and the evolution of the Masters in Public Policy Program curriculum.

“We take great pride in what we have been able to achieve. Our curriculum has been evolving though out the years, making the program relevant to the current industry trends. Some of the areas that we have been able to expand our base areas have been in; seeking and acquiring both local and international accreditation, frequently revising the program’s international module’s reach and scope and our involvement and work with the UNCTDA body, which has always been a rich experience. The Center’s Masters program is evolving and we can only achieve greater success as we continue to uphold global learning standards, with local relevance.”

Strathmore Business School Congratulates Class of 2016.

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