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Strathmore Business School Dean Spearheads African Agenda as AISES Board Member

  Aug 21, 2015

Dr. George Njenga, Dean, Strathmore Business School sits as the only board member representing an African educational institution at the International Academy for Social and Economic Development (AISES) advisory board.

In line with the business school goals of nurturing virtuous and ethical leaders, the International Academy for Social and Economic Development facilitates the building of global ethics constituting a new economic order for long-term development based on the intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue, and the interaction among state, market and society.

The educational and research activities of AISES, scheduled for the next academic year, comprise an international publication in honor of President Mario Draghi, assignee of the 2014 “Standing on the shoulders of giants” Prize, an annual conference, a series of High Level seminars, in which representatives of the Italian Government, EU institutions, academics and managers of banks and firms will participate, an increased production of policy recommendations, research papers and web articles.

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