June 21, 2024

Driving Excellence Through Learning

Juliet Hinga

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Earlier this month, Strathmore University Business School in partnership with Capital Business School, recently launched the Programme for Management Development (PMD) aimed at fostering excellence in corporate leadership and management.

This Programme was customized for our middle-level managers from Unilever Ethiopia and Habesha Breweries, to equip their management teams with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

Dr. Tigist Gebrehiwot, kicked off the training with a session on effective execution, this session delved into the critical role of knowledge management in achieving effective execution. Dr. Gebrehiwot emphasized the importance of building adaptive capacity within organizations, highlighting strategies for leveraging knowledge to drive performance and innovation.

Dr. Susan Murage from Strathmore Business School led a session on the intricacies of strategy and performance management during which she provided valuable insights into aligning organizational strategy with performance metrics to ensure sustainable growth and success. Her expertise helped participants understand the nuances of developing and implementing effective performance management systems.

Sean Hettema’s session focused on the characteristics and dynamics of high-performing teams. He shared practical approaches to building and nurturing teams that excel, stressing the importance of communication, collaboration, and a shared vision. Participants left with actionable strategies to foster a culture of high performance within their organizations.

Strathmore University Business School is committed to advancing talent development in Ethiopian and by partnering Capital Business School, we aim to provide top-tier management education that empowers leaders to drive excellence in their respective fields.

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