Center for Sustainability


The Strathmore Center for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) was launched in 2016 after the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Its objective is to provide an academic response to the new agenda through generating and disseminating the knowledge and information for an evidence-based approach to sustainable development.

The Center’s main goal is to support the private and public sectors in building their capacity to develop and implement innovative sustainable solutions for Africa’s development needs, while undertaking research to support evidence-based decision-making, and promoting cooperation to foster innovation.

Vision, Mission & Values


Catalyzing transformation towards economic, social and ecological prosperity.


To be the leading training and research center in sustainable development to stimulate responsible organizations, social inclusiveness, good governance and environmental preservation.

Our Strategy

  • Training: We deliver high-quality outcome-oriented capacity building training programs to enable ideas to translate into action
  • Research: Our research is focused on understanding the relationships between people, planet and profits to inform the development of sustainable, impactful organizations
  • Projects and Advisory: We work with institutions in navigating the Sustainable Development Goals to identify opportunities that translate sustainability into a source of continuous and increasing value for the organization and society
  • Community of Practice: We look at sustainable development as a massive opportunity for everyone across all sectors of society. We provide a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange to ensure that the society is motivated and equipped to develop home-grown solutions for sustainable development.

Our Programmes

customized programs

Through our customized programs, we partner with organizations in developing tailor-made trainings to meet their unique organizational needs. Client-specific executive trainings optimize learning experience by aligning program content with your organization’s objectives. Custom programs provide a powerful learning experience that boosts the capabilities of teams, builds synergy, and improves organizational performance.

Key Benefits

Our custom executive trainings are co-created to ensure that trainings are transformational for you and your organization and lead to positive, sustainable impact. The organization gains:

  • Stronger workforce equipped with a greater capacity to contribute to the organization’s mission
  • Focused priorities and mainstreaming of organization’s goals
  • Shared understanding and perspectives of organization’s challenges and objectives
  • New skills to facilitate decision-making and leadership
  • Strategies to increase the organization’s competitive advantage
  • Improved teamwork across the organization

Course Design

We design programmes to be highly impactful for the organization and its members. To achieve this, our design process begins with carrying out needs assessments to have a full understanding of your organization and objectives. This goes into the program development and delivery to ensure that your team gains the right knowledge and skills to propel your organization’s success.

Content includes deep dives into the application of concepts in areas of interest to the client. All programs include case and best practice models to equip organizations with the most up-to-date organizational frameworks that can be easily transferred to their own contexts. Post-programme evaluations are then done to review the impact against program objectives.

Partnerships and Industry Engagement

The Center for Sustainability Leadership has partnered with the following institutions:

Our Consultancy

In the shift towards more sustainable practices, both the public and private sectors have taken up the challenge of demonstrating their non-financial performance and social added value. The Center for Sustainability Leadership provides Social Impact Evaluation services to clients across the various sectors. We bring expertise in social research and analysis, as well as a high bearing methodology and expertise in measuring social impact.

The Center has partnered with the Swissocial – Center for Social Impact to provide organizations with the framework and tool to design and implement ongoing, feasible social impact evaluations. We utilize the Socio-Economic Welfare (SEW) methodology, devised by Swissocial, to quantitatively capture the social return on investments made by organizations.

As the appeal of socially and environmentally responsible organizations grows, so does the need to be able to demonstrate their social returns. We support you in effectively demonstrating the real and sustainable difference created by your organization in society.

Why Measure Social Impact?

Measuring impact is the only demonstrable way to show the value an organization is delivering to its beneficiaries and community.

It evaluates the changes (which can be positive or negative) experienced by stakeholders that are directly or indirectly attributable to an action or activity and provides information to decision-makers and stakeholders in planning, project/program design, resource allocation, and community engagement.


The Organization:

Through impact measurement, organizations can identify best practices, see where improvements can be made and make future planning decisions based on lessons learnt.

Investors and Funders:

Results from impact measurement provide a powerful communication tool that provides transparent evidence on what the organization does. This promotes confidence and trust among financiers.

Beneficiaries and Communities:

Being able to articulate impact informs the beneficiaries and the public about the organization’s work and the positive change it is creating in the society. This raises awareness of not only what has been achieved, but also issues of concern that the organization is working on, hence gaining it the social license to operate.