Introduction To Service Excellence Executive Programme


Frontline execution plays a major role in the success or failure of an organization.

In the current highly competitive environment, providing excellent customer experience has become a significant advantage and performance differentiator for many organizations. Studies have shown that there is a positive correlation between investment in service excellence and improved organizational results.

Organizations that leverage this automatically increase their customer loyalty, retention and increase their market share, while improving employee productivity and efficiency.

A service-driven organization requires executives who lead from the front. They can bridge the connection between frontline employees and senior management, ensuring that everyone understands that they contribute towards delivering a superior experience to customers. Further, they incorporate the input of the frontline staff in the decision-making process. How well all employees – particularly the crucial customer-facing staff – understand the organization’s strategy and their role in it determines how successful the strategy will be.


This programme aims to empower executives to Lead from the Front. Participants are equipped with the techniques and tools to build a service excellence culture in their organizations.

By the end of the programme, they will be able to communicate to managers at all levels that frontline execution is a critical part of the organization, and is the responsibility of everyone.

Organizations that want to create or re-design effective frontline management training programmes will also benefit from this course.

Developing Great African Leaders

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For Who?
The programme is designed for middle to senior executives from organizations across all sectors that want to build their service culture.

We also welcome senior managers who have the authority to direct and communicate change within the organization.

Further, the programme takes a practical approach and involves participants solving challenges and designing strategies particular to their organizations.

Hence, we especially encourage participation of cross functional teams to leverage experience and expertise across the organization.
Key Benefits
  • Redefine your service vision and design sustainable service models that deliver ongoing value to customers, partners and the organization
  • Create a purpose-built service excellence strategy that ensures direct and indirect delivery of quality end-user experience
  • Identify and address gaps in service execution
  • Utilize customer data, analytics and technology solutions to enhance service execution
  • Develop a feed-back system which aligns and fosters employee engagement to leverage employee insights to deliver tangible business results