June 21, 2024

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Juliet Hinga


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Last week, Strathmore University Business School hosted an intensive and transformative session of our Executive Coaching for Managers (ECM) Programme, which stands as a pivotal pathway towards earning the prestigious Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Led by seasoned facilitators Patricia Ferrando and Marta Salgado De Corral, the programme commenced with an in-depth exploration of foundational coaching concepts essential for effective leadership. Participants, including senior managers and executives from diverse industries, engaged fervently in mastering powerful questioning techniques, managing emotions, and addressing limiting beliefs.

Throughout the week, emphasis was placed on developing skills crucial for coaching success: building trust, establishing impactful coaching relationships, and designing actionable plans with coachees. These sessions were not just educational but practical, equipping participants with immediate applicability in their professional settings.

Personalized mentoring sessions tailored to each participant’s developmental needs ensured comprehensive preparation for the rigorous ICF Credential Exam and real-world coaching scenarios. The Programme’s structured approach, aligned with ICF standards, received high praise for its transformative impact on both personal and professional growth.

Participants found immense value not only in the program’s educational content but also in the vibrant community of like-minded professionals. The exchange of insights and experiences fostered a supportive learning environment, conducive to continuous improvement and leadership excellence.

Looking forward, Strathmore University Business School invites aspiring leaders and coaches to join the upcoming ECM programme session. Whether you aim to enhance coaching proficiency, attain international accreditation, or advance your career in leadership, this programme promises a transformative journey towards achieving your goals.

Discover the transformative power of Strathmore University Business School’s Executive Coaching for Managers programme. Enroll today to lead with confidence and impact, setting a new standard of excellence in coaching and leadership.

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