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Last week, Strathmore University Business School hosted a three-day training workshop on e-governance and digital transformation. The workshop brought together experts in e-governance and digital transformation from Tallin Tech University, government stakeholders and academia. The goal of the workshop was dissemination of e-governance best practices and broad overview on how to secure information in the modern digital state. 

This workshop comes after a partnership agreement between SBS and Tallin Tech University that was signed in September 2021.

Giving the opening remarks, Strathmore University Vice Chancellor Designate, Dr. Vincent Ogutu, noted that the digital economy is what is propelling economic growth. “We need to embrace this digital space and expand it to become part and parcel of every country,” he added.

Reiterating this, Ms. Kadri Huma Ayal, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Estonia in Kenya noted that governments can only lay lasting solutions to curb corruption and generate more revenues for their countries by adopting this digital transformation.

Professor Bitange Ndemo, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Nairobi noted that digitalization is spreading like wildfire. Kenya, for instance, is a pace setter with the first digital mobile money global solution, which was made possible by creating a policy environment that encourages innovation. Recently, the Kenya Central Bank embraced digital currency. The entry of cryptocurrency in the financial sector will allow MSMEs in Africa to access affordable loans.

“This digital transformation is not a new discussion,” echoed Silvia Lips, a Ph.D. researcher at Tallin Tech University, “there is an urgent need to build strategies towards informing and connecting communities and finding sustainable ways to transform government sectors through public- private sector partnership. This also involves  inventing ways of tapping into the political will to invest in ICT and make it part of each sector. This will strengthen the ground for more research and innovation. While leveraging this partnership, Kenya can tap into and borrow a leaf from the milestones Estonia has made in concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI),” she noted. 

Presenting during the workshop, Eric Jackson and Tanel Kerikmae spoke about the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an essential tool for e-governance. This will facilitate good governance to re-engineer public services, proactive transformation and seamless automation.

Issues on policy and legal frameworks were also pertinent during the workshop. There have been laws governing cybercrimes but no elaborate policies and overarching laws on data protection and cyber security. Panelists reiterated this saying that the private-public partnership should start conversations on this and lay ground for other stakeholders.

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By Corrine Bore

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