June 19, 2024

Sisters Blended Value Project Social Enterprise Programme – SCALE

Alex Okoth

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This year, the Sisters Blended Value Project runs the Social Enterprise Programme Scale in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia.

The programme’s objective is to equip and prepare the consecrated sisters to understand the social enterprise landscape and further empower them with actionable information to enable them to make informed decisions about furthering their social impact skills and knowledge, developing their interest and ability to apply their learning achievements creatively to sustain and scale their social enterprises.

The programme is designed in three modules.

Module 1 of the Programme is a practical guide to the success of social enterprises.

Participants delve into the foundations of social enterprise, learning how to navigate the complex social enterprise environment and effectively plan their initiatives. The module also focuses on key aspects of financial management, equipping learners with skills to manage resources and optimize financial sustainability. Understanding funding strategies for social ventures is another vital component, teaching participants how to secure necessary funding to support their missions. Additionally, the module addresses methods for analyzing business problems, enabling entrepreneurs to identify challenges and implement strategic solutions to drive their enterprises forward. These topics provide a comprehensive framework for building and scaling impactful social enterprises.

Module 2 expands on crucial leadership and operational skills essential for advancing social enterprises.

Participants delve into leadership fundamentals, focusing on principles that empower effective decision-making and inspire teams within their organizations. The module covers people management strategies, emphasizing techniques for nurturing talent, fostering a positive work environment, and promoting growth. In addition, participants learn about marketing and sales techniques tailored to social enterprises, enabling them to communicate their mission and attract support effectively. Leveraging technology for operational efficiency is also a key component, equipping participants with tools to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and maximize impact. By integrating these elements, module 2 equips participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively lead and grow their social enterprises in a dynamic and competitive environment.

Module 3 is a gateway to sustainable growth and impact within social enterprises.

Participants are taken through corporate governance and enterprise risk management, learning how to establish robust governance frameworks and effectively manage risks inherent in their operations. Negotiations and stakeholder management are key components, equipping participants with skills to engage stakeholders, build strategic partnerships, and navigate complex organizational dynamics. The module also covers sustainability and social impact, emphasizing strategies to measure and enhance the positive effects of their initiatives on communities and the environment. Business ethics are integrated throughout, guiding participants on ethical decision-making and responsible practices in their business operations. Together, these elements provide a comprehensive framework for participants to strengthen their enterprises, drive meaningful change, and uphold high standards of integrity and social responsibility, ensuring the long-term success and impact of their social enterprises.

During this period, the consecrated sisters concurrently attend coaching sessions integrated into the programme. Upon finishing the SBVP Scale Programme, they must present an Action Learning Project (ALP) to a panel. This presentation is a prerequisite for graduation and certification issuance. The ALP serves as a culmination of their learning and application of skills gained throughout the programme, demonstrating their readiness to implement impactful initiatives within their social enterprises.

This comprehensive approach ensures that the sisters acquire knowledge and translate it into tangible projects that contribute to their community’s development and sustainability.

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