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On 3rd September 2021, SBS and Evercare Healthcare Group entered a partnership agreement whereby SBS will train senior leaders at Evercare Healthcare Group.

The objective of this training is to build the capacity of middle to senior managers in leadership and management to improve their effectiveness and efficiency in their current and future roles.

This partnership is expected to see the capacity strengthening of 25 senior leaders in the first phase and more than a hundred middle-level and supervisory level managers of the Evercare Ecosystem hospitals in Kenya; Avenue Group of Hospitals, Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Metropolitan Hospital and Ladnan Hospital.

This partnership comes amidst the pandemic and at a time when there have been shifts in consumer behaviour that require senior leaders and managers in all health institutions to adopt a high degree of agility in response and plasticity in people. Healthcare and hospital structures have been forced to adapt to new ways of doing things. In addition, the health sector has also seen tremendous changes and advancements with technological innovations, new treatments, and new types of healthcare service-delivery models being employed.

Since healthcare is a complex adaptive system, meaning that the system’s performance and behaviour change over time, the leaders and managers in the sectors must not only have technical, leadership, and managerial skills, they must also have the requisite professional ethics and values to guide them through environmental and professional uncertainties.

The Evercare Group is the leading impact-driven healthcare group across Africa and South Asia. The Group operates an integrated healthcare delivery platform with 30 hospitals, 16 clinics and 82 diagnostic centres. In Kenya, this portfolio includes; the Nairobi Women’s Hospital, with nine hospitals, Avenue Healthcare Group with three hospitals and 15 outpatient clinics, the Metropolitan Hospital and Ladnan Hospital.   With a combined hospital bed capacity of approximately 1,000 beds in Kenya, the Evercare Ecosystem Hospitals are committed to providing best-in-class, accessible, private healthcare for all.

About the SBS Institute of Healthcare Management

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing and constantly evolving industries in the world. The industry in Africa is also rapidly changing and has to face challenges such as the resurgence of old diseases such as tuberculosis as well as an increase in chronic diseases caused by a growing ageing population. Healthcare providers must also understand and evaluate new dynamics such as health managed organisations, rapid advancement in medical and information technology, increased competition, and growing demands for greater transparency from patients.

At SBS, we offer a range of healthcare management Programmes aimed at catering for the training needs of healthcare organizations and strengthening the leadership and management capabilities of healthcare professionals. Learn about our Healthcare Management Programmes

Article by Juliet Hinga

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