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Agriculture has been changing rapidly from one of fragmented production and marketing relationships toward integrated market systems, or chains.

The agricultural value chain includes the full range of activities and participants involved in moving agricultural products from input suppliers to farmers’ fields, and ultimately, to consumers’ tables. Each stakeholder or process in the chain has a link to the next for the processes to form a viable chain.

Agribusiness investors face the challenges of inaccessible and expensive loan products, inflexible credit facilities that do not complement the agribusiness dynamics, and lack of knowledge about the sector on the part of the financiers.

Financiers, on the other hand, extend fewer credit facilities to this sector than other sectors like construction and manufacturing. There remains then, a disconnect between supply and demand that can begin to be rectified when all players in this sector have adequate knowledge and appreciate these dynamics.

Understanding value chain finance can improve the overall effectiveness of those providing and requiring agricultural financing.

It can improve the quality and efficiency of financing agricultural chains by identifying financing needs for strengthening the chain; tailoring financial products to fit the needs of the participants in the chain; reducing financial transaction costs through direct discount repayments and delivery of financial services; using value chain linkages and knowledge of the chain to mitigate risks of the chain and its partners.

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Do you finance agribusiness ventures?

Do you seek to understand the agribusiness and its uniqueness compared to other industries?

The Financing of Agribusiness Value Chains Programme seeks to increase credit officers’  knowledge and skills as a key player in this sector, to solve this mismatch. The programme has been developed in collaboration with agribusiness experts, and participants will be able to draw from their wealth of experience.

Through this programme, you will engage with industry peers and experts as you explore the uniqueness of each agricultural value chain and your role as a financier.

You will also be able to identify and seize the opportunities in agribusiness lending.

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Programme Objective
The programme aims to impart knowledge and actionable insights to participants from faculty and experts on the agribusiness value chain and its dynamics, financing, investment, and the most relevant and applicable financial modelling options in East Africa’s agricultural sector.
Programme Delivery
The programme will be delivered for 7 days and facilitated by experienced faculty and industry experts.

It will employ a combination of interactive lectures, discussions, reflections, and case studies.

The case methodology as a learning technique gives participants a chance to analyse real scenarios and participate in collaborative problem-solving.

The mode of delivery is online.
Key Focus Areas
  • Available financing models in East Africa
  • Risk mitigation of agribusiness financing
  • Suitability of financing models in East Africa
Programme Topics
  • Principles of agribusiness lending
  • Understanding the East African agribusiness landscape and its dynamics
  • Types of agribusiness loans
  • Risk management in agribusiness lending
  • Facility monitoring, control, and recovery of agribusiness financing products
  • Structure of commodity financing
  • The economic environment in agribusiness
  • Emerging issues and market environmental concerns
  • Being an effective trainer in agribusiness lending
  • Types of agribusiness loans and facilities
  • Lending to Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisations (SACCOs) in agribusiness
  • Grants management for agribusiness
  • The role of the NGO sector in promoting agribusiness
Programme Benefits
After attending this programme, participants should be able to:

  • understand the agricultural sector dynamics in depth
  • understand the financing needs of agribusiness investors
  • acquire relevant knowledge and skills to be able to grow your agribusiness loan book by exploiting all the opportunities within the agribusiness sector
  • develop effective market intelligence techniques for the agribusiness sector exploration
  • acquire skills to enable you to develop relevant and market-driven agribusiness loan products
  • Make use of effective monitoring and control metrics
  • Proactively exploit agribusiness opportunities within your market niche
Target Participants
The programme attracts an array of stakeholders in agribusiness including (but not limited to):

  • Agribusiness investment managers
  • Agribusiness risk managers
  • Lenders to the agribusiness sector
  • Credit officers
  • Relationship managers
  • Accountants and lawyers
  • Investors
  • Auditors
  • Policymakers in the agribusiness space
  • Non- Governmental and Governmental agencies in the agribusiness sector

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