Programme for Management Development (PMD) Ethiopia is an intense, holistic programme, specifically designed to give middle-level managers the knowledge and skills they need to maximize their professional and personal effectiveness.

The programme runs in three modules, one of which is done in South Africa and two in Ethiopia.

Participants get the opportunity to step back from their fast-paced schedule and reflect on their challenges and goals. By sharing experiences with other managers, one gets inspired by new ideas and approaches to tackling various challenges.

The case-based learning method focuses on real-life business situations that sharpen their decision-making skills. Innovative leadership approaches will enable them to make a greater impact in their current role and prepare them to take on positions of greater responsibility.

Explore new concepts and tools in our PMD programme that you can apply in today’s increasingly competitive business environment.

Who to participate in the Programme for Management Development

The programme is designed for Mid-level managers and professionals with a minimum of 5 years management experience, with the tools necessary to develop them into multifaceted leaders, hence taking challenges and decisions to attract prosperity within the company.


The programme aims to:

  • Provide a forum for discussion which will enable managers to reassess their views on the current business environment.
  • Broaden participants management focus to obtain a more global perspective of business thereby be better prepared for decision-making and analysis.
  • Challenge previously held concepts and assumptions to align business practices with the latest trends and economic conditions.
  • Present the latest concepts and ideas for developing corporate strategies that create value for stakeholders.
  • Provide participants with an opportunity to get to know themselves better by working with and listening to their fellow participants.

Key Benefits

  • PMD will adequately prepare you for a position of greater responsibility by broadening your managerial and strategic perspectives, sharpening your ability to tackle management challenges, and developing your people–management skills.
  • You will improve performance in your current position and the possibility of assuming new responsibilities.
  • The programme will enable you to develop and understand yourself, and your management style.
  • Your take-home agenda will help keep you on the knowledge platform thus help you continue with your education.

Programme Structure

The PMD programme consists of a unique combination of three one-week modules of which two will be held in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa hosted by Capital Business School (CBS) in partnership with Strathmore Business School (SBS) and one module will be held at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), Johannesburg, South Africa. The modules are distributed as follows:

Why CBS Ethiopia PMD?

  • Broadens managerial and strategic perspectives.
  • Sharpens the ability to tackle management challenges.
  • Improves performance in your present position and the skills and knowledge required for assuming new responsibilities.
  • Sharpens people management skills and knowledge.
  • PMD will help you to develop an understanding of yourself and your management style.
  • Exchange ideas with other professionals and network.
  • Become a member of the CBS and SBS alumni network.


Diverse faculty members from SBS, CBS and partner schools join forces to deliver the PMD. Professors hold PhDs from world-renowned institutions and are internationally acclaimed experts for their research on current business issues. Moreover, they are successful business people, many with their own consulting firms, operating in the real world of international business. As a result, classroom discussions provide conceptual frameworks for effective decision making, along with practical tools for real-life implementation.


Module Topics
  • The PMD Journey
  • The Case Method
  • The Local and Global Business Environment
  • Introduction to Coaching
Module I:
Understanding and Managing Yourself and Others in the Organization
  • You Inc. (temperament, personal strategy, personal branding)
  • Exploring Effective Leadership
  • People Management
  • Decision-making
Module II:
Working Towards Excellence
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Emotional, Social & Cultural Intelligence
  • Operational Excellence (Simulation)
  • Site Visit – Cultural Immersion
  • Site Visit – Operational Excellence
Module III:
Navigating Obstacles and Speedbumps in the Journey Toward Excellence
  • Business Strategy 101 for Managers
  • Business Finance for non-Finance Managers
  • Performance Management
  • Effective Execution: Projects and Project Management
  • Effective Execution: Building Adaptive Capacity
  • Managing Change (Simulation)
  • Conflict, Negotiation & The Art of Persuasion
  • Knowledge to Action Coaching Project Showcase

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Begins: 10th October 2023

For more information or application, please contact Betelehem Tesfaye via email on

or call him on Tel+251 (0) 923-76-91-14.

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