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Why Uganda’s Katwe Might Be Headed for More than a Disney Movie

  Feb 3, 2017

Uganda’s poverty impoverished slum-Katwe might just be headed for the Silicon Valley title; a symbol of great untapped potential says Dr. Robin Kibuka; Chairman of the Advisory Council of Strathmore Business School – Uganda and Board Chair of Standard Chartered Bank.

Offering his keynote address during Strathmore Business School’s CEO Apprentice Program in Uganda, Dr. Kibuka discussed the untapped business gems of Katwe; a locale rapidly gaining a name for itself. Most recently (2016) global acclaimed entertainment company, Walt Disney Pictures released The Queen of Katwe movie based on the life story of a girl’s dream of becoming a chess grandmaster. The movie stars Kenyan born Oscar Academy winner Lupita Nyong’o.

Can the leaks and cracks of Katwe be its golden foundation? “We have Radio Katwe, Queen of Katwe, Katwe itself is known for innovations. Who knows, Katwe could even become more popular than the Silicon Valley. The best artisans in the country come from Katwe hence the crucial need for capacity building in order to nurture the talent to international repute.”

Artisans, craftsmen and technicians in Katwe are renowned for repairing imported electronic devices, cars, TVs, fridges and all kinds of appliances. They’re also known for their ability to improvise and manufacture imitations of original items.

The CEO Apprentice program initiated in 2014 was designed in collaboration with Bank of Uganda. The program is tailored to create a pool of Ugandan leaders in both public and private sector who can steer entrepreneurship and develop businesses. The CEO Apprenticeship program is one of the leadership and management programs in Uganda currently being taught through the Strathmore Business School and Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSDA) leadership academies. The academy is one of the three regional centers of excellence which also have a footprint in Rwanda and Tanzania .


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