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Why the Negotiation Process Can’t Be Ignored

  Oct 27, 2014

Negotiations, what about negotiations? For some people, this may be a question lingering in their minds as to the importance of the verb as for others; they know its crucial value all together. Stuart Diamond, author of Getting More: How To Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World on the subject says, ‘Negotiation is everywhere, it can’t be avoided. Like math is to science, negotiation is to society. It’s the basic process that supports everything else.’ It’s no doubt that negotiations form a significant part of our daily life as we constantly negotiate on a daily basis. For instance in the work place, you negotiate with your supervisor, colleagues, suppliers and clients. Studies show that having good negotiation skills plays an important role in your success and your potential for progress in the work place because it allows you to build, maintain, and improve important workplace relationships, which is a vital part of being a successful. It would therefore be worth noting that negotiating is part and parcel of maintaining relationships.

A good negotiator should have the end in mind and always approach negotiations with a clear set of strategies and tactics. They should also be prepared by knowing the important facts about the person they will be negotiating with, ready to exchange information, bargain and close with a commitment to action.

Ideally effective negotiations should result in a win-win situation for both ends. However this is not always the case. Poor negotiations may result in feelings of and worse still it may become confrontational which leads to conflicts. There should be a mutual understanding and a point of action.

Effective negotiation is a skill. It is horned through practice and perfected through equipping oneself with the right competency through training. The Master Negotiator Executive Program will equip its participants with the skills and ability to think critically about the negotiating process. The program focuses on elements of a Negotiation model, Principals of Negotiation and the Process of Negotiation. The topics that will be covered range from Preparing and Managing the Negotiation Process, to more complex issues such as Managing Deadlocks and Multivariable Negotiations. Through this program, participants will acquire practical skills that can be applied immediately in conducting both internal and external negotiations that are a key part of their management responsibilities successfully.

For more information on The Master Negotiator Program, click here.

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